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 If you want your next Party to be one in the country with all the fresh air you can breathe, Book it at the Horses4heroes Equestrian Center RANCH!

Located in the heart of Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs, Plan your next party away from the crowds in a cool country setting filled with memories for the making...read more...
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The count down has begun for Horses4Heroes "Tule Trails Riding Adventure!

We are talking with our horses, preparing our tack, and setting our schedules....read more!
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Horses4Heroes Community Equestrian Center
Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs
Come out and join us for our "Military Appreciation NIGHT" around our Community Campfire! Take a moment  to relax beneath the stars and shake hands with YOUR MILITARY! 

We supply the Campfire, Hot "Community Grills," Music & Stars as far as you can see!

Bring Your
Hotdogs/Hamburgers/Cold Drinks
And Share The STARS!
Make Your Reservations

Seating is Limited
You know, every once in a while, you come across a place so peaceful and relaxing that you just have to tell all of your friends about it. Well Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs is just that kind of place...

And to top it all off, while we were there, we came across the Horses4Heroes Community Equestrian Center
located right in the middle of everything! You owe it to yourself and your family to plan a day to visit this hidden treasure and enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer (away from the busy strip)

Johnny Aderson/family 2015

There is nothing better than the smell of freshly cut grass and the wind blowing thru the trees, to put you in the mood to go horseback riding...visit The Horses4Heroes Community Equestrian Center and 
"Home of The Horses4Heroes Community Equestrian Center"
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Practice and Bring Your "A" GAME!
Every Saturday Night!
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Dinning, Dancing, Gold Panning, Tractor Racing, Live Music & MORE!
Trail RIDING $50.00
A Romantic Sunset Trail Ride at our Floyd Lamb Park/Tule springs location is your chance to feel the real Cowboy/Cowgirl experience as it was back in the day. Our trail rides are filled with educational facts about Tule Springs and it's unique history as well as shared stories of the great COWBOY WEST the way it once was...
"Waste is A Resource Out of Place"
Horses4Heroes was in the need of a couple of panels to try and put together a make shift round pen to work our horses...I remember clearly the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Bob Combs...a warm gentlemen with the hand shake of a man who has worked hard all of his life. I'll never forget his grip, you know a hard working man when you shake hands with one. Bob said he had a few old panels sitting around and would bring a couple by. 

Well Bob and his wife made the decision to not just bring a couple of old panels by, rather he pulled up with enough (Brand New Panels) to build us the best round pen money could buy. 

Then he ask if I could call him when we get it up so he and his wife could get a picture with my wife and I in front of the round pen for his wall at home. I remember laughing at that point because I had to explain that Syd Knott was not my wife, but as Director of Operations I would be proud to stand beside her for the photo...good times Bob

We would like to thank you and your wife for believing in all that we do here at H4H and look forward to taking that photo soon...

More FUN MOMENTS coming soon!
Due to bad weather, we were forced to cancel this Saturday nights Community Campfire...Thank you for understanding and we will see YA'll on the next Saturday NIGHT!
Director of Operations
I get ask many times, What is a Community Campfire? 

Well, Our community campfire is an outside event at Horses4Heroes Community Equestrian Center designed and dedicated to our military and local community. We like to see it as place where everyone can come out and enjoy each other around the warm smell of a campfire. Our way of saying thank you to all of you who have served and are serving this great nation we call home.

We realize that living in Las Vegas for many of us, our backyards are small if even we have one. Also we know that many of our military serving could use little bit of R&R in the great outdoors. 

The City of las Vegas has done a great job of designing Floyd Lamb Park so that it has so much to offer everyone. Launching our Community Campfire was just something we had to do. 

Our back yard is YOUR backyard so come on out every Saturday Night 6-8 and meet your friends and shake hands with the men and women who have served and are still serving our country so that we can cherish the free outdoors we call Hometown USA!

So here is the deal...

If you live here...You can be here, and if you see one of our veterans or enlisted men or women, take a moment and shake their hand,
You will feel better that you did...

Making A Difference
By Touching Lives
Monday-Friday, after school until 6 pm
$100.00 per child, ages 4 to 12; $25 per day
Horses4Heroes Community Equestrian Center @ Tule Springs
Our adult-supervised After-School program includes a snack, time for homework, (math and science tutors may
​be available for an additional fee), ranch games and activities with horses and farm animals. Beginning-level
horseback riding lessons (Western or English) for $20 (regular price is $35).

Transportation from school to the Horses4Heroes Community Equestrian Center may be available for an additional fee.
Junior Rancher After School Program
Enroll TODAY!/Tell Me More
Making A Difference
By Touching Lives
Transportation Provided
Upon Request